How to publish on the Academy Resources Blog?

Learn to publish on the Academy Resources Blog with our quick guide!

How to publish on the Academy Resources Blog?

What is the Academy Resources Blog about?

Crafted by UX professionals for the community, our publication curates leading stories in UX, Design Operations, Research, Product and UX Writing. Subscribe to our newsletter through the link above to keep informed.

Why should I publish with Academy Resources Blog?

If you decide to publish your article with us, you will:

  • Get your name in the spotlight. This is a great chance to gain credibility in the industry and grow your personal brand. Your name and picture will appear as the author of the post.
  • Reach an audience of 10,000+ followers. We reach(product designers, researchers, design operations, UX writers and product managers).
  • Be seen by our XLinkedin, Design Ops Assembly, Design Leadership Forum, and our Newsletter subscribers.
  • Top stories are featured on our Homepage, which gets high exposure.
  • Your story can be seen by hiring managers of major tech companies, as well as product makers all over the world.
  • Be part of a community.

You will remain the only owner of your work with some editorial oversight by the Academy Editorial Team.

Academy does not offer payment for any articles published on Academy's Resources Blog

What type of content does Academy Resources Blog publish?

  • We seek stories that spark change in areas such as Design, User Experience, Usability, UI Design, Branding, Visual Design, Motion Design, UX Research, Prototyping, Product Design, Diversity in Design, Design Thinking, Design Operations, Design Leadership, Design for Social Change, and related topics in digital product creation.
  • Submissions should not aim to sell any products or services. This includes tools, books, courses, event tickets, apps, design studios, or websites driven by ad revenue. Articles from brands or business profiles are not accepted.
  • We only accept contributions authored by individuals. Content wholly generated by Artificial Intelligence, including ChatGPT, is not permitted. If AI has been used as an assistive tool in any part of the creation process, a disclaimer must be clearly stated at the beginning of the story. We will verify this.
  • We also prioritize content that goes beyond what could be generated by AI. Does the article blend factual information with the author's personal experiences, anecdotes, insights, and personality? Does it offer additional value and perspective that wouldn't be found in an AI-generated piece on the same topic?
  • Please also review our blog to ensure your content is not duplicative. You can utilize the search to do so.

How do I submit my article?

  1. Search for your topic online to gather information. Use credible references and acknowledge the contributions of authors who have explored this topic over the years. Cite their work and link back to them. This not only strengthens your argument but also fosters a community that values and celebrates each other's contributions and ideas.
  2. Email a link to your Google Doc with a one-sentence description. We don’t accept submissions in other formats or through other channels.
  3. Include your name, bio and LinkedIn.
  4. We will review all submissions and if your article is a good fit for our publication, we will get back to you.
  5. After being accepted and reviewed, your article is added to the queue to be published. Once your article is published with us, we ask you to keep it in our publication for at least 1 year.

What will you edit before publishing my article?

  • The title, lede, and cover image to match our editorial style guide.
  • Typos, formatting style, and minor copy edits.
  • In case we want to propose more structural changes to your article, we will leave private notes.
  • We will remove any affiliate program links or promotional links.

Can I add my article to two publications?

You can only publish to one publication at a time. If your article has been published by a different publication, we are not allowed to accept it.

Is my article going to sit behind a paywall?

No. All the content we publish is free for the community. It just requires email sign up.

My company has recently started to post content about design, and I think your readers would really benefit from it — can we publish our articles with you?

We do not publish stories by companies, nor let companies influence our editorial choices. We do offer sponsored links in our weekly newsletter + distribution to other channels, though, in case you’re interesting in promoting your brand/product/service to our readership. You can learn more by sending an email to