04.01.24 — UX Resources Digest

UX resources digest: Human-centric AI design with Emily Campbell, AI's impact on UX design jobs, and Nicelydone's UX inspiration library.

04.01.24 — UX Resources Digest

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Designing the Future: Unlocking Human-Centric AI

If you're aspiring to become a product designer for an AI company and want to learn and don't know where to begin, this is the perfect starting point. Dive into Emily Campbell's insightful exploration of human-centric AI design, where she delves into various paradigms. Discover how evolving patterns and experiences, driven by Artificial Intelligence, will shape our world. Also you can join her community here: Get involved!

Thanks to Emily Campbell for her insightful post.

The Shape of AI | Shapeof.AI
Exploring how patterns and experiences will change in a world driven by Artificial Intelligence

Embracing the Human Touch: Why AI Won't Replace UX Designers

Curious if AI will snatch away UX designers' roles? Discover why AI won't replace them but rather revolutionize UX with enhanced tools, personalization, and ethical dilemmas, ensuring a human touch in designing user experiences.

Thanks to Emily Stevens for sharing this extensive content.

Will AI replace UX designers?
What is artificial intelligence and how does it relate to user experience design? Will AI replace UX designers in the near future? Find out here.

The Largest web app design inspiration library

Discover Nicelydone, the ultimate platform for designers, product managers, and engineers seeking inspiration. With a curated collection of web app screens, UI components, and user flows, Nicelydone saves time and fuels creativity for over 20,000 professionals worldwide.

Thanks to Bertrand Bruandet for making Nicelydone useful and time-saving.

SaaS Web application inspiration library
Browse 62,700+ screens from the best web apps (saas)