04.15.24 — UX Resources Digest

A realistic view of the current job market, Frame.io's launch, and Atomize Design System for Figma - latest digital design trends!

04.15.24 — UX Resources Digest

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Why it seems like the sky is falling on digital design

We really like Jan Takács take on the market right now. While its been a lot of doom and gloom he brings to light some hope and optimism with concrete steps on how to stay ahead of the curve so to speak.

Thanks to Jan Takács for sharing such a cool perspective on digital design and navigating economic changes.

Why it seems like the sky is falling for digital design
And how to come out of the storm stronger.

A lesson in launching product updates from Frame.io

Frame.io just launch a new website showcasing all their new features and its a case study on how to do a product launch website. Its stunning and interactive. Kudos to the team.

Join the Version 4 Beta
Frame.io has been redesigned from the ground up to let you customize and accelerate any creative workflow. Check out Frame.io V4 beta today.

Atomize: Empowering Figma with the Ultimate Design System for Modern UIs and Websites

We really love this design system for Figma. It beautifully laid out and organized. If nothing else its a great example of how to do a design system well.

Congrats to Akash Tyagi on launching Atomize Design System on Product Hunt!

Atomize Design System
Atomize is an advanced UI design framework for Figma. It helps designers create visually appealing and consistent user interfaces for the web.