How to hire an AI designer?

Discover how to hire an AI designer with key insights from our CEO, Adam Perlis, on the evolving demands and diversity of AI design roles.

How to hire an AI designer?

In a recent article for The Shape of AI, our CEO and Founder, Adam Perlis shares insights into the skills and experiences companies are seeking as they build their AI design teams. With AI technologies advancing, the demand for skilled AI product designers is on the rise, but the role itself remains diverse and complex.

He identifies three types of AI product designers:

1. Designers incorporating AI - Enhancing workflows with AI tools.

2. Designers building AI tools - Creating user-friendly AI-driven applications.

3. Designers of foundational AI interfaces - Designing intuitive interfaces for foundational AI technologies (LLMs, GANs, Etc).

He highlights the critical skills for AI product designers, including critical thinking, adaptability, ethical considerations, technical proficiency, problem-solving, and exceptional communication skills.

Discover the key criteria for hiring and the structured interview process that ensures you select top talent for your AI design team.

For more detailed insights and examples of AI product design challenges, read the full article here.

Examining the skillset of AI designers
Executive design recruiter Adam Perlis shares insights about the skills and experiences companies are screening for as they build their AI design teams