Live Recording: How We Scaled It for Design Team — Alex Schleifer

Discover how Alex Schleifer, former Head of Design at Airbnb scaled a design team at one of the fastest-growing startups in history.

Live Recording: How We Scaled It for Design Team — Alex Schleifer

Welcome to 'How We Scaled It for Design Teams', a show that explores the journey through the arduous road to growing a successful design practice. Hosted by Adam Perlis, Founder and CEO of Academy (, a UX staffing and recruiting agency and for this session, he'll talk with Alex Schleifer, Former Head of Design at Airbnb.

Alex has an incredible story to tell. Despite dropping out of high school, he went on to found his own successful design agency before making his way to Airbnb where he was tasked with scaling the design team at one of the fastest growing startups in history.

Over the next few years, Alex led the design team through some of the company's most significant growth periods. During his time at Airbnb, Alex faced many challenges, but he was always able to find creative solutions to each of them. From building out a robust team to establishing a strong design culture, Alex played a critical role in Airbnb's continued success. Today, he shares his story and offers valuable insights into what it takes to scale a design team and overcome the obstacles that arise along the way.

Guest: Alex Schleifer, Former Head of Design at Airbnb
Host: Adam Perlis, CEO at Academy UX

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