UX Job Market Analysis (June 2024)

June 2024: Dive into our May UX job market analysis. Discover significant shifts, emerging trends, and varied performances across UX roles.

UX Job Market Analysis (June 2024)

‍As we move into June 2024, our analysis offers an insightful overview of the UX job market as of May, capturing significant shifts and emerging trends. The landscape reveals varied performances across different UX roles, influenced by broader market dynamics.

‍Product Design:‍

May saw a slight drop in job postings, but June has already surpassed May’s numbers, suggesting a temporary dip. We expect this upward trend to continue.

‍Product Management:

Jobs in this sector skyrocketed in May and continue to trend upwards based on early June data.

UX Research:

While May had unimpressive numbers, June has already seen a significant increase, nearly doubling the available jobs before the month’s end.

Design Operations:

This sector remained stable in May, but current signs point to a negative hiring trend for Ops roles.

Forward Outlook:

The UX job market shows resilience and growth as we move through June 2024. Product Design roles are rebounding, Product Management continues to rise, and UX Research is surging. However, Design Operations roles are seeing a potential decline. Overall, the outlook remains positive with significant growth opportunities. Organizations should stay agile and responsive to attract and retain top UX talent.

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