Part 3: How to determine who I need to hire on my UX team?

Unsure of who you need on your UX team to deliver the best work? Use this guide to help identify gaps in skills and knowledge within your current team.

Part 3: How to determine who I need to hire on my UX team?

Before you even mention the topic of new hires to your leadership team, it's important to assess what your company and the team needs to deliver their best work. An objective analysis of your team's current skill sets will help identify necessary hires or promotions within the team and skills that can be taught or redistributed.

[At Dialpad], there are conversations with management for resourcing to determine exactly what skill gaps the team has. This [analysis] is measured by instinct, laddering and competency models, looking at employee reviews and team recommendations to understand where the gaps are.

— Nicole Torgersen, VP, Product Design and Research at Dialpad, Formerly Dropbox, Gap, and

A skills gap analysis will help you determine which roles your team needs, the order of priority for filling these positions, and a timeline for investing in those roles. Armed with this, conversations with leadership are simplified and can be growth-focused rather than constraint-focused. Many Academy partners make this analysis part of their ongoing team management to catch resource constraints early and recognize training opportunities.

We've outlined how to run a skills gap analysis for your UX design team and even created a free skills gap analysis formula template. This tool quickly indicates team strengths, where there is room for improvement, and how your team's skill set stacks up against where you'd like to be. This is meant to be a collaborative exercise with your leadership team.

How to run a skills gap analysis for your design team
Do you have a good idea of the skills your design team needs to be successful or which type of skills you might need to hire for next? If not, you need to perform a skills gap analysis.

Skill Gap Analysis Template

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